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This past fall, Crossing Over– my Amish hip-hop musical written with Bookwriter and Co-lyricist Deborah Brevoort, – raised a studio budget of $15,000 to record the songs. We are close to recording all the songs from the show and can’t wait to share the exciting result with everyone. The studio experience has been SO much fun and very rewarding. We have been able to further edit and develop the piece – the songs, the characters, etc. while giving the songs the contemporary pop and hip hop (‘pip pop’?!) sound they need to make sense. Many, many thanks to the A-list of singers who recorded for us (in no particular order): Chuck Cooper, Emma Hunton, Mathew Gumley, Lilli Cooper, Jesse Nager, Eddie Cooper, William Rottman, Juliette Carbonnier, Morgan Hecker, Marva Hicks and last but not least, Matt Anthony at Engine Sound. They all showed up and put 100% effort in – even the week of Hurricane Sandy when there were many other important things to think about.

Amish Air Guitar

Previous works…

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  • Songbook Series – Featured Works, Lincon Center
  • Vignettes – Lamb’s Theater, New York City

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