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Power Pitch Music Studio offers more than a voice lesson…
Stephanie Salzman is a multiplatinum songwriter who has written for many world famous artists such as Whitney Houston, Cheetah Girls/3LW and successful TV shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Shield, etc.  Current artists/releases include Like You’re in Mine and Messy by Hayes Warner, developed at Power Pitch Music Studio..  (Insert link to both videos)
Power Pitch Music Studio was created by Stephanie Salzman so her clients and students could pursue further personal and professional artistic development in addition to coaching including:  Developing songwriting and the creative voice, recording covers and original material, exploring vocal, song production, studio and mic technique and next step artistic guidance for original songs and artist packages. 
We welcome performers with theater or commercial pop/R&B, etc. background as well as those who are trying out their creative voices for the first time.  Stephanie’s extensive training and background in both the musical theater and writing for and in the pop/R&B commercial song world,  make her a one-of-a-kind coach with a full understanding of both those (now very interconnected) worlds.”
Power Pitch Music Studio is very conveniently located on the upper west side and also on the mid west side with her studio partner, Matt Anthony at Engine Sound. Please contact us at powerpitch@mindspring.com for more details on rates (including package rates) and with any questions you might have!

Check out some of our artists’ work below.


Hayes Warner – Like You’re In Mine


Hayes Warner – Messy


Laine Kowalski – Slip Away


Bailey Grey



Haley Warner – If I Ain’t Got You


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