Having a blast at Cap21

By: Stephanie Salzman

January 24, 2014


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The winter blast blew me and Deborah through our Cap 21 residency. We got a ton of work done on Crossing Over (our Amish hip hop musical) and are grateful to Eliza Ventura for this opportunity and to Michael Kerker at ASCAP for his continued support.

We are very excited about our upcoming March trip to Nebraska where Petra Wahlqvist and Rebecca Boesen at the Lied Center are bringing us back for a reading of the full score and script of Crossing Over! So, full blast! We are so grateful to them and to Kelley and Chris Baker for hosting us again.

Lied and Becky and Petra have worked very hard to give us every opportunity to develop our piece and have been there 100% of the time – even setting up with reading rather last minute. We have the pleasure of working with Rebecca Boesen again as our director and almost the same cast. We are going to be able to see all the (many) changes we made at our Cap 21 residency as well as changes we made previously that we have not seen. We will also hopefully get to see Alisa Belflower who lovingly cast our musical for the last reading and has also been tremendously supportive. And, if we are lucky, Michael Kerker (our ASCAP guru) will stop in Nebraska on his way back front the LA musical Theater Workshops to see the reading! (Ins’t it funny how Nebraska now seems to be all over the place now?!)

Being at Lied is really like a reading and residency built into one. Our accommodations in the home of Chris and Kelley Baker are wonderful and perfectly suited to us rolling out of bed, to the coffee machine and then to the (very long) table – Deborah and my “office” each installed at either end. This is greatest luxury for me and we hope to have just a fruitful trip this time and get lots of further work done on the piece. The creative team and performers are wonderful and we are excited to have many of them back with us!

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