Crossing Over

Release Date: March 18, 2013

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Crossing Over is an original, full length, Amish hip hop musical which tells the story of an Amish girl named Rebecca who, along with her friends, is entering Rumspringa. This is the time when Amish teenagers are released from the bonds of Amish life and are allowed to enter the outside world (the “Devil’s Playground”) before returning to take their unbreakable and lifelong vows to live within the strict confines of the Amish world.

Rebecca’s talent for and a love of singing, one of the things expressly forbidden in Amish culture, ­throws her head first into the modern world of pop and hip hop culture with its devotion to materialism, opportunism and celebrity – elements that are in stark contrast to the values of Amish life. The choice she ultimately has to make will either banish her from her friends and family forever or render her silent never being able to pursue her passion for the rest of her life.

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Album Tracks

  • Gelassenheit

  • Lost

  • In The Mirror

  • Hymn Hop

  • Crossing Over

  • Saved